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When I’m stressed enough to compulsively photoshop things and have a minute where nothing else immediately demands my attention:

Girls and cat
Best friends
Mangrove boardwalk

A DIY Advent Calendar (that you’re hearing about 3 days before Christmas)

I made Michelle an Advent calendar! It started on December 1st, though I suppose it should have started on November 29th since that was the first Sunday of Advent.


I cut the triangle from a piece of cardboard that I had lying around (One of the remnants of my education in architecture, I have literally been carrying these pieces of cardboard/illustration board/chipboard/whathaveyou around for years.) and covered it with green-hued scrapbooking papers. As you can see I went for an artful/patchy look. I glued them on and cut off the edges around the cardboard. Simple!


I folded boxes for each of the days. The paper I bought in individual sheets from Hobby Lobby, so I got exactly what I wanted and only spent a couple of dollars on it. The folding was definitely the longest part of this endeavor as each box was two boxes, lid and base. My method of box-making is not technically origami because I made cuts in the paper, but they look nice so there you go.

Weekdays were small boxes and Sundays were big boxes. This means that this Advent calendar couldn’t be used again until 2020. Wow. If you wanted this to be reusable you would either want to a) make all of the boxes the same size or b) not assign numbers to the boxes and make them rearrangeable, perhaps by attaching them with velcro instead of glue.

I originally used scotch tape to attach all of the boxes. I propped it up in my closet to see how they would hold, and after about an hour most of them had fallen off. I switched to elmer’s glue and that worked much better.


In addition to the chocolates, some of the boxes came with extra little gifts. I drew out different illustrations on two pieces of paper, one for the box and one as a gift tag. The paper in the box instructed Michelle to find the gift under the tree with the matching tag. The gifts had little things like cookie cutters and stickers.


And finally, here is our apartment all dressed up for Christmas. 🙂