Lunchables and being well past halfway

I’ve had several moments today where I’ve gone from, “I’m two and a half weeks in and killing it!” to “Oh gosh there’s still twelve days left,” back to “I am doing an amazing job.”

$50 food month has not been easy. It’s day 18, and I have a growing appreciation for how difficult it can be to diversify on a budget.

image2 (1)
The Mountain Dew was on sale – I got it for a Super Bowl party I am attending tomorrow! Whoo contributing.

Earlier this week I spent $3.48 on the items to the left. The canned meat pasta thing had a reasonable calories per dollar score, so I got it as another thing to try for lunches next week. The broccoli cuts were the least expensive of the frozen veggies; they and the potato were for an attempt at soup. The soup was . . . less than delicious. I basically cooked the potato, then the broccoli, added milk and parmesan cheese, it was too thin, cooked some rice and added that, and at the end it really just tasted like soggy broccoli stems. Luckily it was only about two servings, so I ate some yesterday and some today and it is now happily gone.

image1 (8)
Unappetizing soup.
image1 (5)
For dinners I switch between pasta and rice with broccoli, polish sausage, and soy sauce. The veggies have to be replenished the most.

Today I spent $4.57 more, which brings me to $8.05/$9.71 for this week. I got the broccoli florets again instead of the cuts because I still think stems are gross, and the other items are for making my own lunchables. I haven’t had bologna or processed American cheese (actually, the package says Imitation American Cheese, which leads me to believe that it is not, in fact, cheese) in years, and suppose I am pleased to report that my palate has developed and I don’t love it. However, it is a huge improvement on the soup, so I’m happy with it.

I don’t anticipate spending any more until after the fourth week starts, which means I’ll have $6.67 to finish off the month. The scary part of that is that $6.67 doesn’t seem like much for 12 more days, the un-scary part is that I have rice, veggies, soy sauce, polish sausage, a little pasta, an egg, bread, a few apples, milk, cereal, chocolate covered pretzels, and a some other small things left in addition to the food shown above.

I weighed myself while at the gym today, and while I am at the low end of my normal fluctuations, I am not out of my usual range. An excellent place to be at the more than halfway point, I would say.







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