Halfway Point: An Alternative to PB&J?

Looking at the many things in my fridge and cupboards, this is starting to feel less like an experimental venture and more like a normal food situation (except for the non-use of my spices). However, I still have 15 days to go, with only $14.71 left to spend.

My packed lunches for the past two weeks have been PB&J sandwiches with miscellaneous supplementary items, but I am now at the end of the PB&J. Do I continue or pursue another lunch plan? The pros of going that route again is that I have few ingredients to buy for it and it’s high on the calories per dollar chart. Cons are that it’s boring.

Is there something I can do that’s close to as cheap? I have access to a microwave most lunchtimes, depending on where I’m at.  I’ve been pondering it, but all I can come up with is soup. Maybe potato and mixed vegetable soup. I already have milk and parmesan cheese. I have no flour, nor do I have chicken broth or bouillon cubes,  which could lead to a thin, less flavorful soup. It’s not even that risky, though, because I can just get one potato and the mixed veggies, and if it goes terribly then I’ll go back to the PB&J. Excellent. It will be tried.

Otherwise my plan is pretty straightforward. Buy more fruits, more veggies, maybe more meat. Coast on through. See what runs out first of what I have left.




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