End Week One

Even though I’m only a quarter of the way through, I have a lot of reflections about $50 food month so far.

  1. Nothing is wasted. I’m not usually a wasteful person, but I’ve definitely thrown out fruit that has gone bad or tossed the last few bites of a meal into the garbage because I was too full to eat it. This past week, though, I’ve been scraping absolutely all of the sauce from the pan and eating all the crumbs that fall from the bread.
  2. I’m very lucky that my main beverage of choice is water. This would be so much harder if I had to do this while also giving up coffee or soda or any other such thing.
  3. It’s only a week in and I find myself thinking, “I should have gotten this instead of that,” or “If I did this again I would start with that.” I have about 6 different $50 food month plans written up in an excel sheet from pre-project planning, but writing it down in cells is so different from doing it. While I am going to continue to operate based off of the written plan, I’m keeping in mind that it’s okay if it changes based on the actual reality of this endeavor.
  4. I am getting a little tired of PB&J.

This evening I purchased some more food items to kick off week two. image1My spoils from this trip are another loaf of bread (it was on sale, so it was $0.10 less than the bread from last week plus it has more protein and fiber, wow), a bag of apples (10 apples!), a bottle of soy sauce, a “vegetable medley,” and a three pound bag of rice. It is so much rice; I could eat rice for dinner every single day for the rest of this thing. The rice was $0.50 more than I budgeted, but the apples were $0.50 less. Balance. I looked for canned chicken as a friend of mine suggested, but couldn’t find any. It would be nice to get some meat in this week – in a few days I’ll think more about what options there might be. (Hotdogs are very cheap, but also very processed. Do I mind? I could eat them condimentless on bread or cut them up and put them with rice and veggies. Neither of those sound delicious, but maybe I’m wrong.)

This shopping trip cost a total of $6.17, which leaves me with $9.47 for the rest of the week. I am feeling pretty food-rich right now. Almost $10 left for this week’s budget, a lot of food left from the first week, plus the new additions for week two so far!

image2I felt so good about how much food I have that I took a picture. Of course, many things have limited quantities left. I tried to represent that by showing open jars and the cereal out of the box. An honest representation of what there is, if you will.  The picture was taken after I had dinner, so it is fully up to date. (This is actually the second picture I took – I got the whole thing set up, took the picture, put most of it away, then realized that I forgot to put the apples out. Out of dedication to the cause, I set up the picture again with all of the pieces in place. You’re welcome.)

For posterity, here’s a picture of my dinner tonight: spaghetti with the sauce from the jar and parmesan cheese on top and green beans seasoned with salt and pepper. I’m waiting to break into the rice and soy sauce until tomorrow, since week two officially starts then.




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