$50 Food Month (Day 1)

I have wanted to do a $50 food month for a long time, but I’ve never started because I’ve never have 30 uninterrupted eating days. I still don’t, but if there are any interruptions I will just omit those days. A prime example is this weekend: since I’m visiting my mom, Friday will be day 5 and Monday will be day 6.

$50 food month is just like it sounds – I have $50 to spend on food for 30 days.  I’ve budgeted $20 to spend the first week, $15 the second, $10 the third, and $5 the last week. Besides staying under budget, the goal is to eat healthy and maintain my current weight. The only thing that I get to use that I already have is salt and pepper. Since I last bought those more than two years ago, I don’t think I need to buy new ones just for this. For good measure I’ll take 50 cents out of my first week’s budget as a salt and pepper tax.


This is my starter pack for week one: 16 servings of spaghetti, 7 total servings of fruit (canned peaches and mandarin oranges), 9 total servings of vegetables (frozen green beans and broccoli), 12 eggs, PB&J (combined!), and enough bread for 10 sandwiches (though some of the bread may be used as toast). The canola oil is not a serving of anything, but will be useful all month for cooking purposes.


Since this only cost $12 (ALDI, whoo), I have $7.50 left for this week after the salt and pepper tax. We’ll see how it’s going in a few days and perhaps throw in some variety. I’m sure that things will get very boring very fast, as I’m only on meal 2 and I’ve used parts of six out of nine items. I’m also missing any dairy, so that’ll be the next thing to add.

This morning I had a hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast for breakfast, where I put a tiny bit of canola oil on the toast in lieu of butter and also swiped a little bit of jelly from the jelly part of the PB&J combo jar. Lunch was a PB&J sandwich with green beans and mandarin oranges. I made extra green beans so I can just reheat them tonight to go with the pasta, and I packed the other mandarin oranges into containers to bring in lunches.



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