Canada Part II

. . . just in  time to preface Trinidad and Tobago Part V.

First, upon arrival, I learned that Toronto has two international terminals and hence two customs. Since I was waiting outside of the wrong one, Kevan spent almost an hour looking for me. Oops.

We went first to Kevan’s sister’s apartment where we were commissioned to help make paper cranes to be used as decorations at the reception. I had to be retaught.


Clearly I am doing an excellent job.


Kevan and I were almost late to the wedding because of traffic. He was doing a reading, so when we got there he got a thirty second brief that he maybe didn’t need anyway and we sat down right when the procession started. The wedding was lovely. Afterwards, the bride and groom insisted on getting pictures with absolutely everyone there. That was cute.

The reception was within walking distance, so Kevan and I meandered there by ourselves, stopping for a hot chocolate along the way. The reception lasted a long time, slash I am a lame party-goer and always get sleepy by 10pm. As it got later Kevan and I started wandering around the reception venue more, and we found a rec room where a TV was playing some Disney channel movie about the children of villains and heroes, so we watched that for a while.


Overall it was really fun. As you can see, Kevan is a much better dancer than I am.



2 thoughts on “Canada Part II

    1. Ahhhh Grace I didn’t realize that you were still writing on your blog (albeit incredibly infrequently). Yay! I guess in a year and a half you can write another post. 😛


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