Hello there!
This blog is for sharing the little events of my life with my friends and family who are far away. (AKA almost everybody.)
Let’s jump right in!

  1. My cable bike lock was cut last week, but my bike wasn’t stolen. Weird. I also got lucky because Michelle’s bike actually was stolen. Anyway, it was lucky that my old U-lock and key were at my mom’s house, where I happened to go this past weekend, so no time or money lost there.
  2. Rachel and I went to see Nate Ruess in concert on Sunday evening. We got great, uncrowded seats up in the balcony and had a fabulous view of the stage. He had a very energetic stage presence and sounded good live. Though we didn’t get the old Format songs that we wanted, he made up for it with a couple of awesome covers – “Rocket Man” by Elton John and “Call me Al” by Paul Simon.
  3. I’m working on a design competition with some of my friends, so that’s a little extra added business. The submission date is October 23rd, so we have ten days to crank it out.
  4. I am on the Physics Department softball team, and we won our first game (ever) last week! We celebrated afterwards at mug night at the Blind Pig (discounted beers/cider if you bring your Blind Pig mug) with pie and ice cream.Running to first!

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